Prescription Drug Abuse In Seniors – A Global Epidemic In The Making

Prescription Drug Abuse In Seniors –
A Global Epidemic In The Making

prescription drug abuse in seniors,I can think of few things more pressing and serious than prescription drug abuse in seniors. It is quickly becoming a drug epidemic beyond the scope and control of our medical establishment.

Why are our elderly citizens having such difficulty with their prescribed medications – especially opioids prescribed for pain? Could it be a broad lack of understanding about how and why they are to take the drugs or are they having trouble reading the labels for recommended dosage instructions? Either possibility could be the case in many such drug abuse or misuse instances but certainly not to the extent we are witnessing on such a grand scale.

Being a seasoned alternative medicine practitioner and addictions specialist, I have observed and administered care to elderly clients, including my father, who struggled with prescribed medication abuse. In virtually every case of prescription drug abuse in seniors I’ve witnessed, there was an almost euphoric belief in the physician who prescribed the offending drug. In my father’s case of prescription drug misuse he was taking far too much of a pain medication for arthritis and a separate medication for high blood pressure.

So great was his reliance on the physician’s recommended drug therapy that he never once consulted with me about his care and treatment. My sister-in-law once explained that my father was embarrassed about the prospect of stooping so low a position as to ask me for any health-related advice, even though my suggestions in a previous instance regarding his stage four prostate cancer had delivered him from a urological surgeon’s scalpel.

A careless attitude toward drug use can lead to prescription drug abuse in seniors

As regards the average elderly patient’s mindset about drug usage there is what I call a child-like simplistic belief abounding among our seniors that if a medical or osteopathic doctor prescribes the drug it must be a good thing. While in practice what I often encountered was a lack of comprehension about how prescribed drugs could potentially affect the physical body and the mindset if misused or abused.

This sheepish innocence about blindly following a doctor’s drug therapy guidelines often leads to the kind of habit-forming mentality which in time morphs into a deep and serious dependency on an offending drug and the high or feeling of escapism it brings in its wake. This is not meant to call into question the professional competence of medical or osteopathic physicians. None-the-less, it is a disturbing trend which deserves our earnest attention.

The constant feeding of the driving urge to have more and more of a given drug with each new dose is the calling card of the beast of drug addiction. Soon the beast requires higher dosages with greater frequency. It is alive, fully animated, hungry and demanding.

The unsuspecting senior imagines he or she needs to take more of the drug, perhaps an additional time or two each day, to prolong the euphoric feeling and/or get rid of any pain or discomfort. Little does the senior know this is how the beast works. It gets your mind, emotions and body working in synch to ensure the offending drug will be available in quantities the beast craves day after day.

Only a sound and sensible game-plan can subdue the beast of prescription drug abuse

At this point the senior becomes a fully commissioned drug slave by his or her own doing. Herbs, food supplements, exercise, sleep-inducing drugs…nothing of this sort will slow and subdue the beast. Nothing except a thorough understanding of how the beast is born, sustained and how it can be permanently subdued by a senior drug abuser. This will require the utilization of an effective technique to break free from the strong talons of the beast – MY technique!

Is it difficult to kill the beast or, at least, put it to sleep? It may be the most difficult thing the senior has ever had to do in life. But the beast must be subdued and put to rest if the senior is to salvage what is left of his or her life.

This post about prescription drug abuse in seniors is equally applicable to adults. There are few adults in our western societies who have not experienced the stinging lash of prescription drug abuse or outright addiction at one time or another. It is nothing to be ashamed of but certainly something to take seriously and resolve as quickly as time and circumstance allow.

If you are a senior or know of a senior needing my help to resolve a prescription drug abuse issue, I CAN help!

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