October 10, 2017
Contact: Paul Harris

 Opioid Addiction Epidemic Breakthrough: New Solution To A Global Problem

Addictions specialist Paul Harris offers a revolutionary non-traditional approach to permanently ending what has quickly become a worldwide opioid addiction epidemic.

Durango, CO, October 10, 2017–While doctors and patients alike scramble for the newest and purportedly best traditional methods to lessen the sting of addiction to opioid drugs such as oxycodone and heroin, a Colorado health practitioner and author has developed what may be the ideal, globally applicable solution to this growing problem.

As Harris shared; “an article appearing in webMD magazine alerted me to how far out of control the opioid addiction epidemic has become. The two women showcased in the article went through life-changing experiences due to the onset of opioid addiction. Their attending physicians seemed to be at a loss about what to do to counteract the addictive effects of the drugs. For one of the women drug abstinence was not an option. When the cost of the prescribed opioid drug became prohibitive she transitioned to the less expensive opioid; heroin.”

Opioid drugs are often prescribed for post-operative patients to alleviate pain at the site of incision and elsewhere and to lessen the effects of depression. Initially patients take the prescribed medication as instructed. After a time, up to 50% of patients can develop an unexpected dependency on opioid drugs.

According to webMD, women are more susceptible to opioid drug addiction than men. Among other considerations, the reasons given for abuse and misuse of opioid drugs were the euphoric high and absence of bodily pain or discomfort.

Harris revealed another reason for the worldwide opioid addiction epidemic. “People addicted to opioid drugs feel as if they are trapped in a rut with no way out. They would gladly kick their habits if they knew how. The traditional techniques many have tried are not working for them. Consequently, they are seeking answers and this is where my technique comes into the picture.”

Harris maintains that the best way to beat an established addiction to drugs is to not think about the addiction. When strong cravings to take opioids arise the person should immediately bring to mind a pre-conceived psychological and emotional ‘plug’ to offset the effects of the urge to indulge the addiction.

When this technique is practiced and applied with regularity, eventually the addictive cravings will weaken and abate due to a lack of attention and expression. This may sound counter-intuitive to conventional wisdom but it works. “The mind can only give its undivided attention to one stream of thought at a time. If you repeatedly begin to turn your back on addictive urges as they arise, and immediately focus your attention elsewhere, soon they will cease to trouble you.

“This takes care of the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction. Knowing how to rebuild a drug-ravaged body and regain a sense of health and wellness is the other aspect,” said Harris

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