Babies Addicted To Crack At Birth

Babies Addicted To Crack At Birth

October, 18, 2017

Babies Addicted To Crack At BirthThis brief post is as good a time as any to bring up one of my pet peeves – the painful reality of babies born to crack addicted mothers. Children born under these circumstances are unjustly identified and labeled as being addicted to crack cocaine. In my estimation, such a designation is cruel and unjustified.

So-called ‘crack babies’ are born with a tissue (cellular) hunger for a particular chemical agent (crack cocaine or some similar drug preparation) to appease the physical body’s apparent biological need for gratification. This is the result of a purely biological process involving the birth mother and the newborn infant.

Mom passes all of her genetic, electro-chemical and cellular properties and propensities to the fetus during its development. The one thing she cannot pass along is the psychological and emotional mindset which must be present in all true addictions.

There is no psychological or emotional driving force behind the physical hunger plainly evident in crack babies after birth. The child’s newly formed personality has no knowledge or sense of what is desirable and attractive in order to engage the mental process which would result in an addiction to crack cocaine.

Therefore, instead of labeling them as babies addicted to crack at birth, the physical condition is not and should not be classified as an addiction. It is entirely a biologically presented health issue which should be dealt with as such.

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Overcome Drug Addiction Without Rehab

Overcome Drug Addiction Without Rehab

Perscription & Street DrugsShould you attempt to overcome drug addiction without rehab or any other drug abuse intervention assistance? This is something you should seriously consider if your aim is to take over complete control of the entire drug abuse recovery effort.

This is one battle you need to wage and win alone. Family and friends can support and cheer you on from the bleacher seats but you alone must hit the game-winning homerun.

The average street or prescription drug abuser has been reared and brought up in a social and political environment which often berates individual effort. It has been my personal experience that drug abuse rehab centers are notorious for ‘doing your thinking for you.’

A participating drug abuser is led to believe the rehab program can take care of any psychological difficulties the drug abuser may experience while involved with the program.

There is little incentive for self-evaluation or introspection beyond the confines of what is made available in group discussions with other addicts or encounter sessions – with or without the participation of drug counselors. Everything is prepared and handed to you in a neat and tidy package that screams out the words; “it’s my way or the highway.”

This confrontational approach to psychological, emotional and physical recovery from street drug addiction or prescription drug abuse is well-suited for those who desire and often feel the need to have someone watch over and berate them for every wrong move they make – much like a protective parent or guardian.

Such a mentality often brings in its wake the belief there will always be someone out there to lead the way back to sobriety, wellness and sanity whenever necessary.

So, what’s the problem with this scenario? Plenty! If drug rehabilitation entails the arresting, reversal and recovery from an addictive tendency to particular drugs, how can someone who ‘graduates’ from a drug rehab program be considered cured if the drug habit has been substituted and replaced by the rehab program’s environment?

Stay with me, I’ll explain my reasoning. The rehab effort – as well-meaning as it may be – has become yet another addiction for the drug abuser. The strong psychological and emotional driving forces behind the addictive cravings for drugs find another outlet for expression. The drug abuser simply exchanges one addiction for another.

In time, when the drug abuser has an occasional relapse and falls face-first off the wagon, who will get the blame? The rehab program, of course. After all, this entire fiasco was THEIR idea wasn’t it?

They were the ones who claimed to know what the drug abuser needed to do to kick the habit. Why should the drug abuser accept blame for the relapse when he or she was being told what to do – just following orders?

On the flip side of the coin the rehab center blames the drug abuser for not having the motivation or backbone to stay on the wagon. Whew boy! What a mess. You’re screwed on every count and all because you handed over control of your recovery endeavor to someone else. You never gave YOURSELF a chance to do this alone and, consequently, do it right.

If you want to avoid that kind of merry-go-round learn how to take your recovery and healing effort into your own hands. This way if and when you periodically relapse you can rely upon your own will power and emotional stability to quickly get you back on track.

How and where can you learn to do this? Why not take a quick peek at what my natural drug reversal and recovery protocol can do for you in the privacy of your home – guaranteed!

Discover how personally empowering it can be to overcome drug addiction without rehab or any other outside help

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Home Treatment For Drug Abuse-Welcome

Home Treatment For Drug Abuse and Addiction – Welcome

“New site…new solution to a global problem”

Home treatment for drug abuse and addiction promises to be a maverick yet highly informative online meeting place for anyone interested in straight forward, fresh ideas about how to recover from any instance of street drug addiction or prescription drug abuse or misuse.

The focus is on understanding drug abuse, learning what can be done about it and being open to embracing an unorthodox but effective technique to overcome drug addiction and regain control of your life.

What I have to share is based upon years of personal abuse of street and prescription drugs, observation of clients in-clinic and monitoring important drug-related issues in print, online and in radio and television media. My firm belief is that a personalized, natural drug recovery protocol pursued in the privacy of your home is the best solution to the global fight against drug abuse.

A drug abuse rehab program may not provide the answers you are looking for

I know from my tainted teens and early adult years a regimented environment where someone other than me was responsible for leading the charge of my drug abuse recovery effort was unrealistic, self-demeaning and bound to fail. Until a drug abuser understands the hidden psychological and emotional driving forces behind his or her habit there will be no happy ending to the recovery effort.

Might I add the drug addict or drug abuser must first settle these matters within his or her mind and heart before attempting to engage the external assistance of an impersonal drug abuse recovery program or any other drug counseling party. The problem with habitual drug abuse began in the abuser’s mind and, frankly, it must end there.

Drug interventionists should avoid taking over control of the recovery effort

Drug interventionists, often brought into the picture by concerned loved ones, can be helpful, but only when they are cheering the addict on from the sidelines instead of pinch hitting for the abuser. This is one game that must be won in the abuser’s mind without being constantly scolded, demeaned or disrespected by well-meaning family members, friends or drug counselors.

Well, stay tuned and drop in often to see what we’re doing here at

I encourage you to leave a comment about anything relevant to what we’re dealing with here – particularly anything that has to do with home treatment for drug abuse. If appropriate and in good taste, it will be posted for up to 30 days.

Be healthy, happy and drug-free or in control of your prescription drug use.

Paul Harris, BS, CN, CI

If your still on this page why not take a quick peek at what my home treatment for drug abuse recovery protocol is about? Lets take a look.