Best way to overcome drug addiction

 Introducing The Best
Way To Overcome Drug Addiction Or Prescription
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 best way to overcome drug addiction30 Days to Drugless Living“I Will Show You  The Best Way To Overcome Drug Addiction At Home By Yourself In 30 Days Or  Less Guaranteed!”

This Amazing Book And Full Immersion Protocol Have The Power To Dramatically Change Your Life!!


“I called you one day and asked if you could meet me at a restaurant in Farmington, New Mexico. I knew it would be a good commute for you but you agreed. When you met me at the front door you shook my hand, looked me dead in my eyes and told me that once we got started on this program you wouldn’t stop until the job was done. Well, you didn’t and the job did get done.

You’ve been good for your word since the day we met.
I’m off everything from aspirin to prescription drugs, my hands don’t shake anymore, I’ve lost weight, my eye sight is better and my skin feels as smooth as when I was teenager. I’m doing really good now.

You always took my phone calls and stayed in constant touch with me to be sure I was doing everything by the e-book.

If you remember, I told you by phone that while I was on your program my blood sugar reading dropped from a usual 300+ down to below 100. You gave me back my life. Thanks man.

(“Thanks for saving my life and my left foot from being amputated. You’ve got the best program for getting people off street or prescription drugs I’ve ever seen and it really works. It was simple, easy to follow and I did it all from my home”}

Ken B
Farmington, New Mexico

Do You Need Help Getting A Handle On A Chronic Drug Habit?

best way to overcome drug addictionIt happens so fast. One minute you’re a sober and respectable person using a small amount of crystal meth or heroin now and then or maybe taking a few too many prescription drugs and the next thing you know you need help with drug abuse – just like that.

Whatever your personal story might be, and I don’t care how you got to where you are at this point, we need to be perfectly honest with one another.

Your drug habit didn’t spring into being by itself. You alone gave the beast of drug addiction life and, ultimately, it’s up to you to drive it out and be done with it permanently

It will require a strong desire to be done with your habit and a sizeable degree of self-sacrifice But to reclaim your life you must kill the beast.

You do it for loved ones, for friends and for society, but most of all you must do it for yourself and BY YOURSELF!

Does This Sound A Lot Like You?

Think back a minute. What a rude awakening it must have been when you discovered to your horror and disbelief you were:

  • No longer interested in your job or in school
  • Inattentive to family and friends
  • Short tempered and difficult to be around
  • Always feeling ‘under the weather’ and quick to tire
  • Feeling lost at sea with no land in sight
  • Hooked like a common drug addict

I’m sure it all took you completely by surprise, didn’t it?

“I was a little hesitant and skeptical about your program at first but I decided to give it a try. Your personal care, constant concern and attention to my needs have helped me get rid of all the unnecessary drugs that I actually believed I needed all these years. It was as if someone turned on a light in a dark room for me.

At my age it’s usually tough just getting out of bed in the morning. Since I’ve been following your program I not only bounce out of bed full of energy, I’m really enjoying every minute of every day now.

Some other nice things that have happened since being on your Nature Cure program are that I don’t need my cane to walk around my house and garden any more, I’ve been reading without my glasses, I sleep soundly at night, I’m more regular and my knees and neck don’t hurt anymore.

Thank you so much Paul for being there at a critical point in my life.”

Mrs. E. Alfone
Atlanta, Georgia

 This Powerful Protocol Was  Designed For
YOU By A Former Drug Addict – ME!

I know where you’re at right now and I know what it will take to:

  • Free you of drugs or of drug abuse
  • Help you restore your peace of mind and sanity
  • Help restore your self-respect, and
  • Restore the love of your family and good friends.

My drug addiction recovery protocol can work for you if you follow the simple, daily, step-by-step instructions outlined in my e-book and  e-course; 30 Days To Drugless Living.

“It’s about time somebody who knows what he’s talking about put something like this together. It’s an ABC easy to read and follow guide that takes you by the hand, physically, mentally and emotionally, from the first day, and walks with you, step-by-step, along the way until you reach your goal… drug free living.

I especially like the way the responsibility for drug abuse is placed squarely on the shoulders of the user, not society or some bad drug dealer who forced you to take drugs. It forces you to face up to the reality that if you’re not prepared to take full control of your recovery effort, you’ll never totally get over your drug habit.

This is a great Christmas gift for parents to get for any kids they feel may be hooked on Crystal Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin or Marijuana. I’d even recommend it for kids who may not be habitual users but who may be fast headed in that direction.

The book and program are hard hitting, direct and take no prisoners. The tough love, buck stops here approach to drug abuse rehabilitation is exactly what we need to see more of today.

This is the best book I know about that can actually help street-wise junkies and prescription drug addicts kick their habits at home in less than a month. I love it.

Javier Pino
San Diego, California

Why I decided to write and
release this important e-book

Shock! Sheer shock and bewilderment. That’s why this e-book protocol is available to you today.

My wife and I were watching a National Geographic special on the best way to overcome drug addictiongrowing problem of crystal meth in America. We were shocked at how this drug had single handedly brought entire communities to their knees.

What was more disturbing was the seeming inability of our nation to effectively deal with crystal meth addicts who expressed a sincere desire to get off this horrendous drug.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. These
people were being thrown to the wolves.

Perhaps not deliberately but, nevertheless, they were being escorted out of society’s back door.

I remember looking into one particular young girls eyes and seeing how much fear, distrust and anguish she was experiencing. What was she supposed to do with her young daughter and with all of the dental bills piling up for restoration of teeth that were compromised while she used crystal meth?

This was probably the one story that really motivated me to put my e-book together; “30 Days To Drugless Living.” My intent was to share with people suffering from crystal meth and any recreational or prescription drug addiction a powerful technique to kick a serious drug habit safely and intelligently.

Toward the end of the show my wife looked over at me and asked:

Why don’t you do something to help those people?”

I didn’t answer her at the time but the wheels in my head regarding addiction recovery and resolution were already turning.  I was in the conceptual stage of such a protocol at that time. The show gave me the nudge I needed to complete the protocol.

Late that night I began scripting what I envisioned to be a special report on how my trusty addiction reversal protocol could help victims of any kind of drug abuse.

That initial effort turned into a sizable e-book protocol with everything in it you need to turn your life around starting TODAY!

 What Is It About This Drug Addiction
Recovery Program That Sets It Apart
From Most Of The Noise In The
Addiction Resolution Industry?


That’s why it stands tall as a one-of-a-kind, unique achievement. It has a level of content you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

The Subject Matter Is Divided Into Four Convenient Sections For Your Reading Enjoyment And Comprehension.

Part Onethis is to familiarize you with the turf to get your blood pumping. This is where you take a hard look at yourself in your own psychological mirror.

Part TwoThis is the physical component of the program where you quickly kill your physical addiction to any problematic drug. This period normally lasts seven to thirty days.

Part Three – This is where you develop and use your will power to kill your mental addiction to drugs and begin the steady process of taking back control of your life, emotionally and psychologically.

Part Four – The Program Summary contains a cheat sheet of the entire protocol spelled out for you in bullets. Included in this section is a ten-step, take action guide to get you up and running FAST.

The way I see it, you’re paying me to explain my method to help you stop using drugs or to manage prescription drug use and get back on the straight and narrow path.

The e-book is a fireside chat between you and me. That’s it. Nobody else is invited. Nobody else gets in. I’m here to help you through this no matter what.

Please Note: I invite any questions concerning health issues that may have developed  since you have been using or abusing recreational or prescription drugs. However,  be advised that legally I can’t make any diagnosis of any disorder or disease state  you may have or make any other provocative statements. I can only tell you what I would do to address the health issue if I were in your shoes.

Okay Here’s The Deal

You’ve got my word and that of the testimonials that this is truly one of the very best drug abuse and drug addiction recovery programs available, right now, anywhere in the world. It is similar to the same protocol successfully used with clients in-clinic.

Here’s my ironclad, no hassle, RISK-FREE guarantee:


If for any reason within the first 30 days after purchasing the package of your choice, you feel my ground-breaking drug abuse and drug addiction recovery protocol has in any way fallen short of your expectations, I’ll quickly refund every penny of your purchase price.

In return, all I ask from you is that you:

  • Read my entire e-book protocol at least once before starting the program.
  • Make a serious effort to put the program to work for you.
  • Follow the simple daily instructions to the best of your ability.
  • Begin the program again from whatever point you left off if you should periodically fail to stay on schedule. Remember, practice makes perfect. If you slip once in awhile, get right back up and try again – you can and will succeed.
  • Contact me at least once, by email during the first 30 days of this program, to let me know how you’re doing.

That’s it. That’s our deal. It’s a fair exchange that I’m confident will help you get rid of your drug habit and back on your feet again.

Fair enough? Good. Because I mean business and so should you.

You can download the e-book protocol and be reading it within minutes after you order. (Please check your email for the download link). It comes in Adobe PDF format which can be read by MACs and PCs through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that’s probably already installed on your computer.

Come on…let’s stop fooling around here…let me help you do this thing.

Humanity… your loved ones… your dreams and aspirations… your life… they’re all calling out to you. Can’t you hear them?

It’s time to get back in step with the mainstream of life where you can live well, live strong and be prosperous and happy again.

“We’ve known you for a long time and your health suggestions and advice have always been helpful for us and our family. You always have sensible answers for health problem that Doctors are often baffled about.

With all the problems with drugs going on in the streets, in schools and in a lot of homes, your e-book will be very helpful for people who want to get rid of their dependence on drugs but who don’t want to shout their intentions to the world.

We sure hope a lot of people who have problems with drugs get your e-book and try the program you recommend, because it can certainly help turn their lives around in a hurry.”

B and V Crangle

Which Program Is Best
For You?

Review the 3 package offers below and select the one you feel can best meet your needs. Perhaps you are a self starter who only needs a gentle shove to get you moving in the right direction. That would be the Silver Package.

Maybe you require more personalized attention. That would be the Gold or Platinum Package. I will support whatever decision you make.

Your communications with me are always 100% discreet and completely confidential. I will NEVER divulge information about your personal life to anyone!

Best way to overcome drug addiction - 30 Days to Drugless Living

“Enjoy the fresh clean air and wonderful atmosphere of an addiction-free  lifestyle.”

Okay Paul! I’m Ready To Put “30 Days To Drugless
Living” To Work For Me Starting Now!


Silver Package. You receive the entire107-page e-book protocol,   a 30-day recommended diet to follow and I will quickly  and personally respond to 2 emails from you  about any concerns during the first month
$95  $66.50

30 Days To Drugless Living Silver




Gold Package. You receive the entire107-page e-book protocol,   a 30-day recommended diet to follow and I will quickly and  personally respond to up to 4 emails from you about any  concerns you have during the first 2 months. You also  receive a brief Health Evaluation Questionnaire to  complete and return to me by email for analysis. Your  answers can help give me an idea of your past and current  health status. I will email any recommendations I feel would  be of benefit to you after reviewing your answers.
$195  $136.50

30 Days To Drugless Living Gold





Platinum Package. You receive the entire 107-page e-book protocol,  a 30-day recommended diet to follow and I will quickly and personally  respond to up to 6 emails from you about any concerns you have during the first 3 months. You also receive a brief Health Evaluation  Questionnaire to complete and return to me by email for analysis.  Also included is a The Perfect Diet, Health And  Lifestyle Calculator I created that will be sent to you by email. It is based on the  ground-breaking research of the great Norwegian homeopathic  physician; Victor Rocine. After receiving your answers to only 2  questions I will respond with my suggestions for the most rewarding occupations, best exercises, best skills to learn,  best basic long-term diet, best geographic areas to live and  other pertinent lifestyle recommendations for your specific type.
$295  $206.50

30 Days to Drugless Living Platinum Package





“Paul, I’ll take the package I’ve selected with the utmost sincerity. I’m committed to turning my life around and becoming a success story. I’m ready to take control of my life again starting right now. I know you’re in my corner and will support me throughout the entire protocol and beyond, if necessary. I understand that I’m covered by a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase, so there is no risk in me owning the package I’ve selected today!” best way to overcome drug addiction30 Days to Drugless Living

If you select the Platinum Package you will find the The Perfect Diet, Health And  Lifestyle Calculator tool is easy to use.

It will allow you to select your basic mental, emotional, genetic and temperament type. The selection process shouldn’t take up more than 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete.

Upon receiving your 2 answers I will begin working on an ideal lifestyle, diet, nutrition, occupation, exercise and climate profile that you can use for the rest of your life, starting immediately after you finish the entire protocol. I will contact you by email, usually within 72 hours, with my analysis and recommendations.

I will be available to you for clarification of any part of my instructions or recommendations. I will respond to any of your questions or concerns about your body or the protocol for the length of time and number of allowed email communications for the Platinum Package.

Let’s Get Started Kicking
Your Drug Habit

Thanks for sharing a few special moments with me. Now it’s time for me to start helping you get this proverbial monkey off your back.

Make your selection and let’s get going!

To your renewed health, well-being and a life free of recreational drug addiction or prescription drug abuse.

Paul Harris, BS, CN, CI

P.S.  Remember; the best way to overcome drug addiction is to rely solely on yourself to get the job done. So, get enrolled…get enthused…get going today!