Babies Addicted To Crack At Birth

October, 18, 2017

Babies Addicted To Crack At BirthThis brief post is as good a time as any to bring up one of my pet peeves – the painful reality of babies born to crack addicted mothers. Children born under these circumstances are unjustly identified and labeled as being addicted to crack cocaine. In my estimation, such a designation is cruel and unjustified.

So-called ‘crack babies’ are born with a tissue (cellular) hunger for a particular chemical agent (crack cocaine or some similar drug preparation) to appease the physical body’s apparent biological need for gratification. This is the result of a purely biological process involving the birth mother and the newborn infant.

Mom passes all of her genetic, electro-chemical and cellular properties and propensities to the fetus during its development. The one thing she cannot pass along is the psychological and emotional mindset which must be present in all true addictions.

There is no psychological or emotional driving force behind the physical hunger plainly evident in crack babies after birth. The child’s newly formed personality has no knowledge or sense of what is desirable and attractive in order to engage the mental process which would result in an addiction to crack cocaine.

Therefore, instead of labeling them as babies addicted to crack at birth, the physical condition is not and should not be classified as an addiction. It is entirely a biologically presented health issue which should be dealt with as such.

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